We have the inhouse expertise and manufacturing ability to take your design or sample and turn it into a finished product ready for distribution or use.  Our wide range of integrated services ensure the shortest possible time from concept to completion.

Tool Making:  We have the ability and skills to design and manufacture your die casting and plastic injection mould tooling.  With our inhouse toolroom we have the ability to carry out tool maintenance and repairs immediately, minimizing production down time.

Pressure Zinc Die Casting:  A reliable, consistent and economical method of production.  With over 60 years experience in the die casting industry we offer a one-stop source for engineered zinc die castings with complete production capabilities and secondary finishing.

The Zinc advantages include:

  • Reliable, consistent and precise components time after time,
  • The ability to hold tight tolerances, eliminating the need for expensive post-casting machining,
  • Completely recyclable,
  • Complex parts with little need for finishing operations,
  • Dimensional stability,
  • High strength thin wall sections,
  • Excellent corrosion resistance in the natural state,
  • A wide range of finishing options: chromate passivation, wet paint, powdercoat and readily accepts chrome plating,
  • Great heat conductivity – heat sink ability.

Plastic Injection Moulding:  An economical way to mass produce coloured products.

The Plastic advantages include:

  • High production rates with multi-cavity tools,
  • Repeatability within tolerances,
  • Relatively low labour cost,
  • Little or no finishing operations,
  • Minimal scrap losses,
  • Excellent range of colours,
  • Wide range of plastic resins available to meet the required part characteristics.

CNC Machining: For accurate production, machining and post-casting machining. We can carry out all post casting or production machining of your component with the inherent accuracy and consistency of modern computer numerically controlled machinery.

Powder Coating:  A durable hardwearing finish with a large choice of colours.  We have the experience and knowledge to deliver a top quality product finishing result.  Powder coating is a widely used finishing operation particularly in the architectural aluminium joinery industry because it provides a highly protective and durable surface finish, resistant to scratching and chipping.  We carry an extensive range of colours particularly those used on aluminium joinery.